Interested in becoming a member of the Hershey Region? Please contact us via email @ [email protected] or complete the information on the Contact Us page. Following is a brief list of some, not all, of the requirements of membership in the Hershey Region. 

  • A member of the Hershey Region must be an individual, joint or life member of the AACA. All new members of the Hershey Region must be sponsored by a member in good standing of the Hershey Region. The applicant must also be present at the acceptance meeting and must pay an initiation fee and the first year’s dues. 
  • All new members must attend four (4) events per year, where attendance is taken, for a two (2) year period after being accepted into the club. 
  • A Hershey Region member, except Charter Members, must attend any combination of six (6) business meetings, financially participate in point runs* and/or work at the Fall Meet each fiscal year to be eligible to participate in the following activities: The Fall Weekend trip, the Christmas Party, and the Installation Banquet for the following fiscal year’s officers. (Attendance cards should be completed at each business meeting.)

*those exempt from financially participating are officers, board members, and hosts and hostesses for the run