Fall Meet Committees

2021 Fall Meet
Chair and Co-Chairpersons

We’ll be updating this information soon!

Position Member
Fall Meet Chairperson Ken Gamble
Fall Meet Assistant Chairperson Jay Robertson
Accessibility Compliance TBD
Aerial Photography TBD
Antique Car Show Layout & Parking TBD
Antique Car Control TBD
Antique Car Show Registration TBD
Antique Car Trailer Parking TBD
Apple & Cider Tents TBD
Chocolate Field TBD
Green Field TBD
 Orange Field, Car Corral & Show
Red Field TBD
Budget & Finance TBD
Car Corral TBD
Car Corral (Show Week Sales
Cellular Telephones TBD
Chief Judge Stan Kulikowski, Jr.
Chief Judge Assistant TBD
Clean-up TBD
Communications/Sound System TBD
Compliance TBD
Computer Maintenance/Programs TBD
Corporate Area TBD
Correspondence TBD
Data Entry TBD
Entrance Chocolate Field TBD
Entrance Green Field TBD
Entrance Orange Field TBD
Entrance Red Field TBD
Fire Protection & Tents TBD
Flea Market Chocolate Field North TBD
Flea Market Chocolate Field South TBD
 Flea Market Green Field TBD
Flea Market Orange Field TBD
Flea Market Red Field
Flea Market/Car Corral Registration TBD
Folder Distribution TBD
Food & Drink Distribution TBD
Friday Night Amateur Show TBD
High Wheeler Race TBD
Hospitality Tent TBD
Hospitality Tent Delivery TBD
Hygienic Engineers TBD
Juniors at Hershey TBD
Ladies’ Luncheon TBD
Main Tent TBD
Police Liaison TBD
Chocolate Field – North
Chocolate Field – South
Green Field TBD
 Orange Field TBD
Red Field TBD
Show Car TBD
 Program & Vendor Directory Advertising TBD
Program & Vendor Directory Production TBD
Program & Vendor Directory Sales TBD
Chocolate Field TBD
Green Field TBD
Orange Field TBD
Red Field TBD
Show Car/Car Corral TBD
Publicity TBD
Race Car Condition Run TBD
Refreshments Chairperson Meetings TBD
Saturday Night Awards Banquet TBD
Shuttle Buses/Field Transportation TBD
Signs TBD
Sign Installation TBD
Souvenir Sales TBD
Chocolate Field TBD
Green Field TBD
Orange Field/Car Corral/Show Field TBD
Red Field TBD
Special Antique Car Trailer Control &
Thursday Night Movies TBD
Trailer/Camper Parking/Field
Transportation – Golf Carts TBD
Trophies & Awards TBD
Workers Appreciation Dinner TBD
Workers Incentives TBD
Workers Incentives – Paperwork & Distribution TBD