Flea Market


Now that 2020 is history we are starting to work on the 2021 Fall Meet in which Ken Gamble will be the Fall Meet Chairman and Jay Robertson will be his assistant.  Pre-registration cards and other important information were mailed around the 19th of December 2020. If you do not receive your packet in the mail by January 20th, 2021 you should call 717-566-7720 or email [email protected] Click HERE for more detailed information for vendors.

To acquire flea market spaces for the 2021 fall meet you must be an AACA member and you can call 717-534-1910 to join. 

As an AACA member you will receive the Antique Automobile Club Magazine and in the 2021 May/June issue there will be an activity card enclosed in the plastic “mailer”. (The May/June issue is mailed the 3rd week in May).   Send the activity card to AACA Headquarters with your selection to receive a registration card. During the first week of July, the requested registration card will be mailed to you.  You will complete that card and send it along with the fee and any correspondence for field/space requirements to Hershey Region.  The address will be on the registration card. Flea Market Spaces are 10′ X 30′ and we allow a maximum of 3 spaces per vendor (fee is$90.00/space for 2021).  Space assignments are made by postmark order. (There are very few 3 space lots so you should indicate in your letter if you would take fewer spaces)  The more specific your request is, the less likely it can be honored and you can advise us to return your check if we cannot honor your space requests.  

I urge you to read the AACA Policies and Procedures to review authorized and prohibited items for sale. You can visit www.aaca.org and click on Publications then P&P Manual then Chapter 5.9.  Be aware of the strict deadline on the registration card that you receive from AACA.  A PA Sales tax License is required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Visit www.pa100.state.pa.us on the Internet or call 717-783-1405. You should not wait for your sales tax license number to submit your registration card.  Write “APPLIED FOR” above the space where the tax number would be written on the card.  Should you have any further questions you can email [email protected].

Our flea market is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the Fall Meet, 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM, and admission is free.

Please carefully read the regulations listed below.

Flea Market Regulations

  1. $90.00 per space (approximately 10’x30′). Three (3) space maximum for summer registration. All equipment and wares must be within flea market space. No cars or trailers in streets. All tent anchoring must be within assigned space — nothing may be driven into the blacktop.
  2. Only motor vehicles 25 years or older, parts, accessories and certain automotive related items 25 years old or older may be sold.
  3. No space(s) is transferable. No flea market space(s) can be given or sold to another person, group, organization, corporation or company. If merchandise is to be sold by more than one individual, the names, addresses and AACA membership number of those authorized to sell and/or occupy one space will be listed on a sheet of paper and attached to the returned form. There will be no additional charge and the application for one or more spaces will be processed accordingly. All persons using the space who are not members of the applicant’s immediate family must be members of the AACA.
  4. No Flea Market spaces shall be used solely for camping or parking.
  5. AACA reserves the right to expel, after suitable warning, any persons including vendors who conduct themselves in a way that would reflect unfavorably upon the AACA.
  6. Alcoholic beverage consumption on the premises is prohibited.
  7. No moving vehicles will be permitted to operate in the market or meet area during designated hours, except properly marked official vehicles and emergency vehicles responding to a call, and authorized handicapped vehicles.
  8. For the safety of our visitors and members, no motorbikes, scooters, mini-bikes, motorcycles, 2 or 3-wheel bicycles, or private, motorized carts are allowed to operate on meet grounds, except registered show vehicles and official vehicles.
  9. Generators causing excessive noise and fumes are prohibited. Generators shall be vented above vehicles and crowd. No running of generators from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  10. Failure to abide by any regulation will result in immediate expulsion and possible withdrawal of future flea market privileges and AACA membership.
  11. The decision of the flea market chairman, appointed flea market official, or any AACA National director shall be final on all matters.
  12. No refunds of space leasing price will be made in the event of expulsion.
  13. Any expenses involved in removing equipment or merchandise from the flea market area must be borne by the person or persons being expelled.