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The Month of May in Automotive History

May 2, 1918: GM buys Chevrolet

This acquisition by GM made them the world’s largest automotive firm. 

May 7, 1998: Daimler-Benz buys Chrysler

At the time of this event, Chrysler was the country’s 3rd largest car company. It was the biggest acquisition by a foreign buyer of any US company in history.

May 11, 1947: Invention of the tubeless tire

B.F. Goodrich Company, based in Akron, Ohio, made the announcement of the safer and more efficient tire, on May 11, 1947.  After successful testing, Goodrich was awarded several patents and the tire became standard issue on most vehicles.


Here are a few pics from the Annual Convention held in Chantilly, Virginia.

Here’s an older article about features we miss from days gone by. Do you miss the high beam  button on the floor of your car? Check it out HERE


Here’s a link to the Antique Automobile Club of America Library & Research Center’s YouTube page for videos of past Fall Meets. Using the search feature, type Hershey Meet and you’ll find them! Check out the hair styles & clothing!

Hershey Eastern Fall Meets from the Past